Vampire Bites

by FatEnglishman on 31 October 2011

Hello!  Fat Englishman here…..

Now I know my last few posts have been going on about the virtues of decent, adult-oriented food for the Halloween season in placeVampire Cookies of the sugary sweet kiddie snacks that tend to prevail, but lest you think I harbour an altogether entirely Scrooge-like mentality to the whole trick or treat season I thought I should offer up something of a concession to things sweet and potentially appealing to younger palates.

I’m still not venturing into the land of cup cakes, but in my wanderings around the internet I stumbled across this rather clever Vampire Cookie, which benefits from both an impressive degree of understatement and inventiveness.  Rather like the great horror movies of old, not everything is on open display and mind-numbingly obvious.  No severed limbs and mutated faces here, but instead the evidence of a sinister and dangerous presence that perhaps still lurks nearby, watching you as you bite into one of these clever little cookies.

Then again, perhaps the cookies themselves hold the real danger, bitten as they have been by a Vampire and now containing contaminated “blood” that will in turn be your own undoing if you eat them.

Altogether more fun to have on hand and easy to make too.  And they look good.

Happy Halloween!



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